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Who is Ritualdiva?

Joanne Mercier currently serves the people of St. Theresa & St. Christopher Parishes in Tiverton, RI as their Director of Faith Formation.  Her professional church ministry background is in Music (BMus in Church Music), Liturgy and Sacraments (MTS in Systematic Theology).  She has also served the Church at large as a Pastoral Associate, Workshop Presenter, High School Theology Teacher and – horror of horrors! – Liturgist.  A budding podcaster and blogger, she enjoys all aspects of Catholic New Media and aspires to have her own show on Catholic TV or someday.


Comments on: "Who is Ritualdiva?" (2)

  1. True enough! Now if we could just get rid of some of the trite and overused garbage (Oops! I meant sensitive, caring, hop, skip and jump music) from the 80’s!

    On an unrelated note, I’m reading that the 2011 GIRM strongly emphasizes the use of the antiphonal (presumably the entire psalm) for the procession. Where are we supposed to get this? I understand that printing the psalms into already weighty missals would be impractical, but it just seems that we are advocating a beautiful practice on one hand, and restricting it on the other. Are we in the USA being set up to ignore the GIRM again, as we have for the past forty years?

    • Ritualdiva said:

      Ah, my friend, you are engaging in your bi-annual reading of the GIRM! Maybe next year there will be a new lectionary to go along with all the current revisions…in other words, we will be spending more money on books again! Way to stimulate our economy…

      In response to your concern, I’ve heard more buzz on the use of chant (because of the translation of the Latin word CANTUS, which can also mean SONG) and the using of appointed antiphons than using an entire one for procession. Let me do some liturgical digging and get back to you on that one.

      As for ignoring this Missal like the last, I sadly believe that will be a given by those who don’t completely understand their pledge of obedience (did I just type that out loud? Me bad.). To put my spin on a current sound-byte: “Say the black, do the red – AND READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!” 😉

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