Discussing the rituals of life and the rituals of the Catholic Church – a little something for everyone!

The Rite Stuff Podcast 001

Ok, please be kind…this is my very first attempt and I’ve already critiqued myself to death. Let me know (kindly) what you think and maybe what you’d like to hear in future installments. Enjoy?! 😉


Comments on: "The Rite Stuff Podcast has finally arrived!!! Come take a listen…" (2)

  1. Nice Joanne!! I really like hearing (and having others hear) about the power of the RITE itself! You go, girl!!

    • Ritualdiva said:

      The RITES do work when they are used correctly and allowed to speak. I understand the urge to “personalize” them but you do just that when you choose music, readings, intercessions and prayers (where applicable). I keep trying to bang that drum…

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